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Riverex Token (WELLE)

The next-gen token fuelling the Riverex decentralized exchange
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Earn More. Stake WELLE.

To maximize your WELLE token’s utility, stake WELLE to earn more passive income. Riverex Token (WELLE) uses a decentralized staking mechanism, ensuring top-notch security and fast delivery or rewards.

Tier 1

6% Earning
1 Month Staked

Tier 2

20% Earning
3 Months Staked

Tier 3

45% Earning
6 Months Staked

Tier 4

100% Earning
12 Months Staked

The WELLE Token

Riverex Token (WELLE) is the native utility token of the Riverex decentralized exchange. It uses the ERC-20 standard and fuels the products and services accessible in Riverex.

Multi-blockchain Fungibility

The WELLE Token will be minted on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Moonbeam blockchain networks.

Multi-crypto Support

Since it will be minted on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Moonbeam, WELLE will be compatible with the tokens in the same networks.

100% Fast and Secure

Being built on multiple layers of security, transactions using WELLE are guaranteed to be 100% safe and secure.

Token Sale Information

30 billion WELLE tokens will be minted on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and MoonBeam. The following chart represents the Token Allocation of WELLE.
Loans, Mints & Burn
Total Public Allocation
Management Reserve
Marketing Allocation

Public Sale Token

Fixed Limit
30 billion
Token Price
USD 0.001
Minumum Purchase
0.1 ETH/250 Tokens

Our Roadmap

Our Partners

We are working with credible market leaders as well to increase the functionality of WELLE.

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